My favourite type of exercise is walking, especially outdoors in nature. I try to go for a walk daily, even in the winter.

Walking outdoors in nature is very beneficial for your health. The amazing energy and vibrations from nature and sunshine heals the mind, body and spirit. It is a great remedy for stress, especially in today’s hectic world. We need that alone time to reconnect with our self and nature. It is also a wonderful meditation 🧘‍♀️

You can do this too. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Leave your iPods at home, no music necessary. Mother Nature will provide a beautiful soundtrack. I usually take my phone with me to get some beautiful snap shots like the photo above. Don’t eat a heavy meal before walking. If you are hungry, a light and healthy meal or snack would be ideal.

Before I embark on my journey, I usually do some light yoga or stretching followed by a short meditation or breathing exercise.

Now you are ready to go. Walk at your own pace. Try to be aware of the breath, body and your beautiful surroundings, you will notice many things and it is perfectly ok to stop to admire the flower, the caterpillar munching on leaves or listen to the rushing of the stream. I have seen so many amazing things, it is such a wonderful blessing.

This technique really does increase awareness and makes one more mindful.